Step Up SIP Calculator – Calculate Returns on your SIP investments







The Step SIP is a method of investing a set monthly amount into mutual funds and the amount will be increased in accordance with your preferences each year. For example, if your initial investment is 2000 per month and you’ve given a step sip at 10% your sip amount will be 2200 by the time you reach your second year. And 2420 at the end of third and the cycle continues.

This STEP SIP CALCULATOR will determine the capital gain as well as the expected returns on the monthly investment in your SIP. In addition, it provides an estimate of the amount of maturity for each of your STEP SIP’s that you invest in monthly depending on a specific annually- return rate.

This STEP UP SIP CALCULATOR by iNVESTT will calculate the capital gain and expected returns for your monthly SIP investment. In addition, you get an approximate estimate on the maturity amount for any of your monthly STEP SIP, based on a given annual return rate.

How to use iNVESTT STEP UP SIP CALCULATOR? provides the best Step SIP calculator that provides the following advantages–

  • You can achieve your goal quicker by focusing on the amount you have and tenure.
  • It can help to estimate the amount of investments you will have at the close of your STEP-UP SIP tenure.

A well-organized investment plan calculator will ensure your portfolio of savings is designed as in line with your financial requirements.


  1. What is the difference between STEP SIP and SIP TOP-UP?

    Step sip calculator is also known as Sip top up calculator.

  2. What is the maximum tenure of STEP SIP?

    There isn’t a maximum duration in the case of SIP as well as STEP SIP. You are free to invest in as long as you want to.

  3. Can I modify the STEP SIP amount?

    Anytime you are able to change the amount of your investment. Also you are able to increase or decrease the amount you invest anytime.