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Public Provident Fund Calculator

If you are just beginning the journey to a new career, or are responsible parents looking to fund your child’s future, or for yourself or risk, then PPF is the best option for you. However, the process of calculating returns and interest rates of your PPF account is a bit complicated. To make these difficult calculations simple you can use the Calculator for PPF accounts by iNVESTT.

PPF is the most suitable option for investors who are looking for longer- term tax savings and wealth building and risk-averse and seeking a guaranteed source of income. Investors who are seeking greater returns and are aware, you can investigate ELSS mutual funds. PPF is tax-efficient. PPF is covered by the EEE exemption of the 80C. The amount of interest, investment and maturity amount are tax-free in the Public Provident Fund.

How can a PPF Calculator help you?

This tool will allow anyone to answer their questions about the public provident fund account. A few requirements that can be used in calculating the maturity amount after a specified period of time. It monitors the progress of the capital. Anyone who has a PPF account will be aware of the fact that rates are subject to change on an annual basis.

Advantages of using PPF CALCULATOR

  1. PPF CALCULATOR allows you to get a clear idea about how much returns can be made with the investment of a particular amount of money.
  2. With the assistance provided by the PPF CALCULATOR, you will avoid paying an enormous tax.

PPF Interest Rates 2021

Financial YearTime PeriodReturns (per annum)
2020-2021April 2020 - June 20207.1
2019-2020January 2020 - March 20207.9
2019-2020October 2019 - December 20197.9
2019-2020July 2019 - September 20197.9
2019-2020April 2019 - June 20198.0
2018-2019January 2019 - March 20198.0
2019-2020October 2018 - December 20188.0
2019-2020July 2018 - September 20188.0
2019-2020April 2018 - June 20187.6
2017-2018January 2018 - March 20187.6
2017-2018October 2017 - December 20177.8
2017-2018July 2017 - September 20177.8
2017-2018April 2017 - June 20177.9
2016-2017October 2016 - March 20178.0
2016-2017April 2016 - September 20168.1
2015-2016April 2015 - March 20168.7
2014-2015April 2014 - March 20158.7
2013-2014April 2013 - March 20148.7
2012-2013April 2012 - March 20138.8
2011-2012April 2011 - November 20118.0
2011-2012December 2011 - March 20128.6
2010-2011April 2010 - March 20118.0
2009-2010April 2009 - March 20108.0
2008-2009April 2008 - March 20098.0
2007-2008April 2007 - March 20088.0
2006-2007April 2006 - March 20078.0
2006-2007April 2005 - March 20068.0
2006-2007April 2004 - March 20058.0

PPF CALCULATOR Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is PPF Account?
  2. Public Provident Fund Account is an insurance plan for savings that is supported by the government that provides stable and guaranteed returns as well as tax benefits. It’s a safe investment which can be used to fund long-term objectives like children’s higher education or retirement funds.

  3. How much interest rate can I get on my PPF account?
  4. This rate of interest is declared from the Central Government every quarter. PPF interest rate for 2021 is 7.1 percent per year.

  5. What is the minimum lock-in period for PPF?
  6. The lock-in period in a public provident fund is 15 years and is possible to extend it in blocks of five years significantly. The option of partial withdrawal is offered after 5 years, subject to certain conditions.

  7. What is the minimum amount required to start investing in PPF?
  8. The minimum amount of investment required to invest in the government-owned fund is 500 rupees and the maximum amount you can make is 1.5 lakhs every year. The PPF CALCULATOR for calculating how much you will have to pay at the time of maturity.