Lumpsum Calculator – Calculate Returns on your Lumpsum Investments

Lumpsum Calculator




What is Lumpsum Calculator?

Lumpsum is the other method of investing in mutual funds. Lumpsum investment allows the investor to make independent investment in a particular scheme in a single transaction. In simple Lump-sum is the method of investing a bulk amount at a time, and redeem any time.

Lumpsum Investment calculator helps estimate the returns made by an investor in a specific period. It uses the specific formula to compute the estimated returns on investments.

Benefits of Lumpsum Calculators

  1. Investing a notable amount.
  2. Beneficial for those who invest for long tenure.
  3. Investor need not worry to save every month to invest.
  4. It is an excellent tool to find the returns on a lumpsum investment in mutual funds.
  5. Easy and convenient for investors.
  6. It mainly helps you to manage your finances in a better way.

How does Lumpsum Calculator work?

Lumpsum Calculators are based on the concept of the future value. The calculator will tell you what the value will be in the future of your investment based on a particular amount of interest. Here’s a suitable example to show you how the Lumpsum calculator works in real-time:

Here, you have invested a lumpsum amount of Rs. 10,000 in a mutual fund scheme for a period of 5 years. You have expected rate of return of 12% on the investment. The estimated future value of the investment as Rs. 17,623/-

Let's calculate your mutual fund returns with the help of our Lumpsum Calculator.