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Our Methodology

After the market fall of 2020, investors now realize they must take charge and learn much more about Mutual funds to invest their hard-earned money. However, many investors don't know how to pick top-performing funds, whom to trust, or what they must stop doing to achieve goals, true wealth and superior investment performance.

Any Mutual fund will deliver returns, but how much is the real question. We have observed more than 3000 mutual funds from 1992 to 2021. Studied them carefully, And discovered secret insights into how only a few among thousand mutual funds set the stage for their spectacular price increases.

Every top-performing mutual fund exhibited the same pattern from 1992-2021, which will repeat in the future. The Job of a mutual fund manager is to beat its index with good alpha and consistent risk-adjusted returns. He who achieves this will remain a top-performing fund manager for years, so his funds will keep making wealth for investors.

Studies show that Investors buy mutual funds by checking past returns and expect the fund to perform the same way in the future. Our analysis has shown that best funds change from time to time, and the longest period a fund has outperformed its benchmark is for 12 years. But even, today many investors hold Nippon India growth fund, ICICI Pru blue-chip fund, HDFC flexicap fund, Aditya Birla Frontline equity fund, Franklin India bluechip fund believing these funds will deliver the same returns as before. The best time to sell Nippon India Growth fund was in 2010.

With herd mentality, many investors missed investing in the Hidden gems in Industry, which delivered more than 20% returns by taking significantly less risk. Aditya Birla MNC fund, Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 ETF, Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund (Investors showed interest after it became popular), Quant active fund, Tata Midcap fund, UTI MNC Fund are few examples. Methodology Algorithm uses a unique combination for finding Industry best Mutual funds with a significant increase in returns, consistency with the benchmark, plus strong downside risk protection that together will materially improve your asset allocation and portfolio returns.

Many individuals, even qualified advisors, buy mutual funds whose returns were down in recent years because they like its historical returns, Track record of AMC and think it will perform in the long run. Usually, they accept the story that the fund will rebound strongly in the near future. In very rare cases, this may be true, but in many cases, it isn't. Again, the point is that you have the choice of investing in thousands of equity mutual funds, many of which are showing big returns.

There are specific Quantitative patterns that were repeated over and over again, from 1992 to 2021. After recognizing these patterns, we could tell when to buy and sell a specific mutual fund to generate higher returns than peers.

Our research has determined another factor that has proved vital in selecting best performing mutual funds. The stability and consistency of rolling returns across different time periods. Rolling returns capture the fund performance across various data sets and give a clear picture of fund growth. Average returns can manipulate the performance of a mutual fund, so The best way to check fund performance is by reviewing the Rolling returns of that fund. Every fund manager will try to find value in stocks. Our Job is to pick that most valued fund manager whose fund will create wealth for you. possess a powerful secret to improve Mutual fund selection and timing materially. Buy Mutual funds with proven records of Rolling returns and good downside protection across different periods. Don't accept anything less if you want better results.